How A Costume Choice Made Bane One of the Influential Anti-Hero Characters in the History of DC?

Anyone who is a cinephile and loves movies can’t forget the unbelievable performances of Christian Bale and Tom Hardy in the movie Dark Knight Rises.

bane jacket

Tom Hardy in particular has gotten much appreciation from the audience for portraying the character of a powerful DC villain Bane on the screen with his flawless acting that truly deserves an Oscar.

However, it’s the Bane’s costume and of course his voice that brings the extra energy in the Tom Hardy’s character!

So what makes Bane’s costume so important as part of his character?

Well, we all know that Tom Hardy really worked hard to build a string body for the Bane’s character so the costume team wanted to have a costume for the character that can define the strong strength of the character.

Ultimately, they come with the idea to make a tactical vest, a Swedish bomber jacket, and a cargo pant, part of the Bane’s costume.

bane leather coat jacket

Additionally, they wanted the character to be a little badass so they decided Bane to be bald and let him have a mask to enhance masculinity.

After a few trials, the director of the movie Christopher Nolan approved the costume and it eventually become a vital part of the Bane’s character.

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